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CPA services provided by Contryman Associates, P.C., Investment Adviser services are offered through Contryman Wealth Advisors

Since accountants are responsible for some of the most critical and confidential information that businesses and individuals rely on, we have chosen to offer our clients a secure web portal to give them control and options to access information on their own initiative at any time from any place. The Contryman Associates web portal is a secure gateway to a collection of electronic information and files that is accessible over the Internet via web browser. In much the same way you can access your bank statement through your bank’s web site, you can use our portal to access tax returns, information forms (1099s, W-2s, etc), audit reports, and other documents that we provide.

Our portal can also be used to electronically submit (upload to us) documents for nearly any accounting purpose including, for example, information we need for the completion of your tax returns. Businesses can use the portal to upload information for bookkeeping projects or for payrolls that we prepare. Our portal can also be used to share accounting files from programs like QuickBooks® or other accounting software.

Our file transfer portal allows you to securely and confidentially upload electronic documents and files for retrieval by your Contryman accounting professional. Using our portal is preferable to e-mail for transferring your confidential information. If not sent securely (password protected and/or encrypted), e-mails might be intercepted by unauthorized third parties during transmission. Or, a more common problem is for an e-mail to be sent to the wrong recipient.

Our web portal is more convenient. Rather than bring us the information we need on paper or on a CD or flash drive, you can simply upload the file for your accountant. For payrolls that we prepare, sending information and documents via web portal also lowers the chance of an error being made. Information that is phoned in, for instance, may be entered incorrectly. Companies can use our portal to submit their employees’ pay information virtually eliminating the possibility of errors in transferring the data.

Businesses can separate access with a private and public folders. A private folder, for access only by you, can be used for information to which you don’t want others in your business to have access. A public folder, which can be accessed by you and others you may choose to give access, can contain information that is less restricted. For example management information may only be in your private folder, while payroll information may be available in the public folder and accessible by you and your bookkeeper. If you are the only person using the portal, you will use the public folder (the default).

There are “green” benefits to using our portal. We will both likely save paper. You will not have to drive to our offices to deliver printed documents or a CD or flash drive. And, if you ever need another copy of your return or other documents, we can again make them available via our portal.

We look forward to enhancing our personal relationship with you through technology with our secure web portal.


  • To get set up on our portal, you will first call your local Contryman Associates office and request to speak with our portal administrator who will help you with the set up process.
  • More specific instructions will be provided to you when you set up your portal and your Contryman professional or our portal administrator will be available to provide help if you have questions while using it.

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