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Accurate tax return preparation that capitalizes on provisions of current tax laws to minimize taxes on your personal and business income by taking available deductions, credits, and exemptions.

Contryman tax professionals can help you minimize your tax bill. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your tax returns are prepared accurately, taking advantage of tax saving strategies while helping to assure that you are not underpaying the legal tax due.

Typically we identify strategies to lower your adjusted gross income (AGI). Because AGI determines your eligibility for various deductions, exemptions, and credits, this strategy may reduce your tax bill. We can discuss tax deductions that may be available to you and the limiting factors for each and help you determine possible itemized deductions. As a part of our tax planning services, we can review the tax saving potential of accelerating income in this year or deferring income to next year.

Exemptions reduce the amount of income on which you are taxed, so we help you identify and claim possible exemptions. We can also help you take advantage of available tax credits to further limit your tax liability.

You will be subject to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) if your AMT liability exceeds your regular tax liability. By knowing the aspects of AMT and suggesting possible methods for minimizing income, we may reduce the tax you must pay.

In addition to advising you on deducting property taxes, home mortgage points, or prepaid interest, we can advise you on the tax and other implications of refinancing your home mortgage. We can advise you on the potential tax benefits of paying off credit card debt with a home equity loan. If you are planning to sell or exchange your primary residence and you meet certain tests you may be able to exclude gains for tax purposes.

There may be tax reduction opportunities for married couples filing separately when both spouses have significant income. We can advise you on this strategy.

Generally, the more you donate to charity, the more tax benefit you receive. We can tell you about the limits involved so you can provide the benefit to the charity you select while getting the tax benefit from your donations. We can also advise you on the tax issues and help you establish more sophisticated charitable vehicles if you wish to give larger, more regular amounts to charities.

Note that the examples mentioned here are only a very few of the tax strategies that may apply to your situation to help reduce your tax liability.


  • Meet with a Contryman tax professional who may review your prior years’ tax returns and supporting documents
  • We will ask you to gather information on items that may have changed and on items that affect your tax liability
  • We can discuss possible tax deductions, exemptions, credits, and other tax reduction strategies to determine your eligibility
  • We can then prepare the tax returns and submit them for review by a Contryman Tax Committee member who will look for additional tax saving opportunities and assure accuracy of the completed return
  • If opportunities to reduce taxes on past years’ returns or errors are identified, we can prepare an amended return
  • We meet with you to discuss the return(s) and future opportunities

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