Profit Improvement Services

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Services provided to businesses or other organizations, designed to help improve profitability.

By first analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and threats of a business, we help managers identify areas where opportunities for improvement exist. Our planning process helps you focus on capitalizing on those opportunities and minimizing problems to help make your organization more efficient and profitable.

We help assess the skills of the organization’s employees to enable better utilization of their skills. We develop job descriptions for each position or review existing descriptions then match employees’ skills to the needed tasks and positions. We look at the relationship between management and personnel and help develop clear lines of communication, responsibility, and delegation. We also help management determine current and future staffing needs and provide methods for selecting qualified employees.

We make recommendations for improving profitability and cash flow and provide tax planning services. We guide management through the process of strategic planning with measurements for tracking results which are intended to lead to long term improvements.

And, finally, we help you implement the proposed procedures and processes developed for your organization.


  • Contryman profit consultants meet with you and your managers to identify key areas of need.
  • Together we analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges that face your business.
  • Based on this analysis, together we prepare a plan that focuses on opportunities for running your organization more effectively. Ideas for more efficient operation, better utilization of employees’ skills, with a focus on increasing profitability, will be included in the plan.
  • Following your review of the proposal, you select the initial challenges to be addressed. Your Contryman Professional will be available to help you implement the procedures, address your opportunities, and meet your challenges.
  • We will be available to continue the process with you. This additional support is based on your needs. We can meet at regular intervals or we can assist you on an as-needed basis. With either approach, we are available to help as needs arise.

Case Examples:
The pending retirement of the founder of a hardware sales and repair service business prompted his son and daughter-in-law to meet with our profit improvement services team. The son and daughter-in-law were taking over the business. They spent nearly a day with a Contryman Profit Consultant. The consultant helped them analyze all elements of the business including current personnel, inventory, cash flow, profit margins, marketing, and capital needs. Together, they prioritized the issues they had discussed to address the most pressing areas first. Through a series of follow up meetings, they continued to address the issues working to build on areas of strength and improve in weaker areas. Three years after the change of ownership, they have a smoother cash flow with peaks and valleys leveled out; they have an up-to-date, accurate inventory count; they have established new personnel policies which have minimized difficulties with employees; and they have added staff and purchased some items of new equipment allowing them to continue to grow their business. But perhaps the greatest benefit of their time spent developing and then implementing a plan with Contryman Profit Consultants is that they have drastically reduced the stress they felt when they first took over the family business.

This case study may not be representative of the experience of, or the results realized, by other clients. There is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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