Financial Planning for Special Situations

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When you experience certain special situations in your family, you may need help coping with the financial issues that arise. These situations may threaten your financial well-being. Or, in the case of lottery winnings, large inheritances, and other unexpected income, may offer opportunities. We can advise you on many of the financial considerations in these special situations.

With our variety of financial knowledge, Contryman professionals can help you with the financial concerns of a special situation and help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a highly trained and experienced team of professionals is advising and assisting you. Following are some examples of special situations you may face and how we may be able to help:

Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient takes both an emotional and financial commitment on the part of the family member(s) or other caregiver who is responsible. If you are faced with this unfortunate situation, we can advise you on establishing powers of attorney, living trusts, addressing long-term care issues, and we will work with an attorney of your choice to see that appropriate legal documents are prepared.

Receiving a settlement from a lawsuit may bring added financial concerns. If the lawsuit is injury related, we can help you address the issues of budgeting and health care considerations, projecting the effects of inflation on the settlement to help make the money last long enough to take care of your needs.

Divorce is another special situation that has financial and emotional consequences. Our professionals can help in many ways. We can advise you on ways to minimize income taxes with regard to property settlement and spousal support payments. Through Contryman Wealth Advisors we can help set up insurance policies or educational funding vehicles as required or desired. We can update your retirement projections and help you develop a retirement plan. And, we can advise on debt management issues.

Care and concern for elderly family members may bring questions about Medi Gap insurance planning, trusts and wills, long-term care planning, assisted living search and selection, home health or nursing home selection, powers of attorney, living wills, inflation protection planning and others. We can help you address these issues to provide for the needs of an elderly family member.

We can help you address the dramatic long-term financial effects in cases of addiction. Careful planning may help the family and the individual cope.

The process involved with each of these special situations or others you may be facing will vary with the services you may need. The first step is always to have a frank discussion of your situation with your Contryman professional. Our team will develop a plan for assisting you and discuss how to proceed at that time based on the special needs you may have. As always, you can be assured that we will provide our confidential services with sensitivity and respect.

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