QuickBooks® Accounting Software Services

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Set up, training, and support for businesses and other organizations using QuickBooks® Financial Software.

Initial setup of QuickBooks® software is extremely important. Contryman QuickBooks® professionals will get you started correctly so that your initial information will be properly entered and your chart of accounts will be set up so that entries will be accurately categorized. This will allow you to track data for financial reporting and to give you the information you need to run your organization. Our goal is to help you work efficiently as you use the program and enable you to utilize the full capabilities of the software.

We will help you set up memorized transactions and reports to save time by simplifying data entry on the routine activities of your organization. You will be able to produce reports that are needed on a regular basis with a minimum of set-up. We will also help with payroll and inventory setups. By setting up your budget, you will be able to track income and expenses against budgeted amounts. The job costing setup allows you to track costs by job for accurate accounting and billing. We will also help you archive and condense your QuickBooks® information for later comparisons to past years’ data.

Our initial training is available in either group classes or individual instruction. Group classes are typically less costly and you will benefit by learning with others in the class. One-on-one instruction gives a more custom approach and allows us to be more focused on the unique aspects of your business.

Following initial training, our QuickBooks® professionals are available to answer your questions and solve problems you may encounter when using the software or when preparing year-end or in unusual situations.

Because we are accounting professionals, we know the information you will need for both reporting activities (tax and other) and to help you make business decisions and we will help you use QuickBooks® Financial Software to track that information.


  • Meet with a Contryman QuickBooks® professional to determine most appropriate training and support system for your organization
  • Advise on initial set up including chart of accounts, memorized transactions, and reports; inventory set up and job costing set up if applicable
  • Instruct you on day-to-day activities as well as monthly, year-end and other processes
  • As you use the software, we answer your questions, advise you on additional capabilities as a need arises and help with problems and unfamiliar or uncommon transactions

Case Examples:
A farm family with a fairly complex operation – two farm corporations, in addition to their personal financial information – has been using our QuickBooks® Financial Software services since 2002. Prior to that time, they were using a DOS-based software that was ineffective for many of their purposes. One of our QuickBooks® Professional Advisors worked with the wife who was doing the bookkeeping work for the operation.

Our advisor taught her to use QuickBooks® software, getting everything set up so the program could be used most effectively. They determined the information that she wanted to be able to track and helped her establish memorized reports to make the process of maintaining the information as simple as possible. She has now set up more than 50 of these reports to track the many facets of their farming operation. Some of the quick reports that she has found most valuable include:
Grain Sales where she tracks the number of bushels, the amount received per bushel, and the dates of each grain sale.
Equipment Purchases and Sales to track not only purchases and sales but also trades of equipment. This report provides all necessary information for creating year-end depreciation schedules and helps reconcile their general ledger to the depreciation schedule.
Government Payments to compare to 1099’s they receive and for reporting to FSA.
We also taught her to export any of these reports to Microsoft Excel® which she uses to create tables and graphs for easy comparison from one period to the next.

Additionally, she uses QuickBooks® reminders, to-do lists and memorized transactions to help assure that she doesn’t miss any the many important reporting deadlines that she must meet.

This case study may not be representative of the experience of, or the results realized, by other clients. There is no guarantee of future performance or success.


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