Debt Management

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A process of examining expenditures, cash management problems, and cash flow projections to determine areas for improvement, and using goal setting and budgeting techniques to implement a plan for improving debt management. Contryman debt management advisers will help individuals or businesses that are experiencing problems caused by excess debt or cash flow issues. Changes in financial circumstances may require debt management adjustments.

By looking at your cash flow and reviewing expenditures, we can help uncover cash management problems. We will then make suggestions to help you correct the problems and to help you increase cash flow so you can meet your financial objectives. We can then develop a financial plan for your additional cash to help you meet long-term financial goals


  • Meet with your Contryman professional to discuss your debt management issues and your financial goals
  • We review data on your cash flow for the last 12 months
  • We can calculate your debt to income ratios
  • We can offer you options for increasing cash flow and possible debt reduction strategies
  • Together, we can develop a projection of your cash flow for the next 12 – 24 months
  • We can then use your cash flow projection to determine your future risk tolerance and discuss financial planning strategies
  • We can review your current loan interest rates to help determine if lower rates may be available


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