Compilation Services

CPA services provided by Contryman Associates, P.C., Investment Adviser services are offered through Contryman Wealth Advisors

A compilation is a financial statement reflecting information provided by a client with no assurance offered as to the reliability of the information presented. No probing is conducted beneath the surface unless the accountant becomes aware that the data provided is in error or is incomplete. These financial statements may be presented with or without disclosures. If a level of assurance is needed, it may be necessary to engage a CPA firm to perform a review or an audit. Our firm is not required to be independent of the client for the preparation of a compilation.

A compilation provides consistent presentation of financial numbers. Compiled financial statements allow for comparison of financial information from year to year to detect trends and for strategic planning purposes. By using the compilation services of Contryman Associates, organizations may be able to rely on lower level personnel to provide day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping services.


  • Contryman professionals become familiar with the accounting principles and practices common to your industry and a general understanding of your organization’s transactions and how they are recorded
  • We compile data that you provide in conventional financial statement format
  • Our professionals read the compiled financial statements, considering whether they are appropriate in form and free from obvious material errors, while offering no opinion as to the reliability of the information contained


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