Tax Planning – Investment Planning Strategies

CPA services provided by Contryman Associates, P.C., Investment Adviser services are offered through Contryman Wealth Advisors

Services designed to capitalize on provisions of current tax laws that pertain to investment planning as a way to minimize taxes on your personal and business income and by taking available deductions, credits, and exemptions.

The lower 15% maximum federal tax rate on dividends may make dividend-paying stocks more valuable. By determining if they fit with your portfolio allocation and other investment strategies, a Contryman Wealth Advisors Investment Adviser Representative can help you determine if they might be appropriate for you. We can also help you determine when it may be best to sell stocks to minimize the tax you will owe. Capital gains rates of 0% for lower bracket ordinary income taxpayers and 15% for everyone else apply through the end of 2011.

When selling assets, an installment sale may allow you to defer capital gains on property other than personal residences or publicly traded securities. We can advise you on this method of reducing taxes. If you invest in rental real estate, we can advise you on like-kind exchanges that may allow you to defer taxes on realized gain.

We can discuss the tax implications of purchasing government and corporate bonds, bond swaps, and original issue discount income to help you understand before you purchase how taxes may affect the interest you earn from a bond.

Complicated tax rules on stock options may add to your tax liability or it can be minimized by properly managing your stock options. We can advise you on both tax and investment aspects of your entire portfolio to help you balance tax issues with other financial implications.

Note that the examples mentioned here are only a very few of the tax planning strategies that may apply to your situation to help reduce your tax liability.


  • A Contryman professional who also has extensive training and background in investment strategies and taxation can advise you on the tax implications of an investment
  • We will review your past years’ tax returns and information on your investment portfolio and other holdings
  • We will then help you develop a strategy for minimizing the tax you must pay on your investments and advise you of tax consequences on the purchase, trade, or sale of those investments

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