Budgeting Services

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Cities, villages, counties, and political subdivisions of counties (fire districts, cemeteries, etc.) all prepare budgets for their respective governmental entities. With many entities experiencing budget cuts, preparation of their budgets becomes more challenging. Professionals in the Contryman Audit Department provide budgeting assistance to many of these entities.

Contryman professionals help entities assess their limited financial resources and identify possible areas where budgets may be trimmed and other expenditures that may be unwise to cut. We work with organizations which may not have personnel with sufficient financial knowledge and experience available to accurately and precisely complete the budget form required by the Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts. We help assure the budgets are within lid restrictions and levy limits.

In some cases, the budget is part of completing an audit waiver. We also help smaller entities that may qualify for an audit waiver complete necessary paperwork for approval.


  • Contryman professionals work with representatives of the entity to accumulate their annual and year-to-date financial information.
  • We consult with representatives and assess past and current financial information, and consider limitations and the amount of levy they are allowed.
  • We provide the document to be published in local papers and the form is sent to the City Clerk or County Clerk for approval at the budget hearing.
  • The budget is approved by the Board and is then sent to the State Auditor.


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