Audit Manager

Overall Expectations

An Audit Manager is primarily responsible for the review of the complex attest engagements of the department, as well as providing advanced technical assistance, audit planning and research on complex attest issues. The Audit Manager should assist in the development and training of staff. They have a significant amount of client contact and make associations to develop new business for the firm. Audit Managers work closely with the shareholders in providing innovative attest planning strategies for our client base.  The Audit Manager makes decisions on all but the most unusual attest situations.

Anticipated time allocation

85% of time managing audit jobs, reviewing compilations and audits.

15% of time spent developing and growing the business

Essential Functions

  • Responsible for growing revenues with acceptable profit margins annually.
  • Assumes responsibility for complex engagements and delegates to various audit team members as deemed necessary.
  • Delegates and manages audit research projects to achieve an accurate and efficient result.
  • Participates actively in client meetings and audit planning sessions to assist audit team members to develop engagements that meet the needs of our clients in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Responsible that work performed provides expected profit margins so that our audit business remains a viable business unit of our firm.
  • Acts as a resource for audit team members and other departments with specific attest issues and/or questions.
  • Actively supervise the organization, budgeting, scheduling and effective execution of client projects.
  • Perform a timely and thorough review of audit work papers, reports and internal audit work, ensuring that all significant accounting, auditing and reporting matters have been identified, resolved and documented in accordance with Firm policies and professional standards.
  • Oversee the wrap up of all assigned engagements, ensuring that all significant matters have been identified, addressed, resolved and adequately documented in accordance with Firm policies in a timely manner.
  • Maintains familiarity with qualifications of audit team members.
  • Works to develop responsible well-trained team members by assisting in recruiting, performance evaluations, developing training aids and acting as an instructor.
  • Prepare client invoices, communicates detail of fees to clients and assists in collection of overdue accounts.
  • Ascertain audit team member needs, expectations and career objectives, and assist them in the formulation of performance goals and training and development opportunities that address them. This may be in either a supervisory capacity, or a mentoring capacity.
  • Communicate the importance of individual and team roles in achieving our objectives and openly share information about initiatives, plans, results and accomplishments.
  • Provide timely, candid and constructive performance feedback and counseling to enhance the personal and professional growth of audit team members.
  • Delegate appropriate levels of decision-making responsibility and independence to audit team members at various levels.
  • Groom successor manager(s) to assume client service responsibilities with minimal loss of continuity.
  • Possesses a complete knowledge of the firm’s philosophy and its opinions on attest matters.
  • Develop and cultivate a network of business, professional and civic leaders through leadership and participation in targeted business, professional, industry, and social activities.
  • Adhere to company vision, mission, and values while representing oneself as a model for other team members to follow.

Other Functions

  • Prepares other reports and projects as requested from time to time by the shareholders.
  • Participates in firm’s practice development efforts through involvement with referral sources, community and industry activities.

Software Experience

Knowledge of software used by the audit department to maintain paperless environment. Experience with use of computer attest preparation, attest research and attest planning software programs is also required.

Qualification Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in accounting required. A current and valid certified Public Accountant’s License is required.  At least five (5) years experience in public accounting, demonstrating a proven progression in attest complexity, scope and research.  Minimum of one (1) year experience supervising and directing work of attest engagements. Must be a member in good standing with the American Institute of CPAs.