Contryman team members from across all locations came together in Kearney on April 23 to celebrate another successful year for the firm.

The event was held at the Classic Car Collection with great food, drink and awards celebrating the wonderful accomplishments of the team.

Retired Shareholder Gary Wieck is joined by Phyl and Karl Kostbahn during cocktail hour at the Classic Car Collection



It has come to our attention that a fraudulent email (see sample below) is being issued to tax preparers asking them to update their e-Services information. This email WAS NOT generated by the Internal Revenue Service.

The links provided in the email are designed to capture e-Services usernames and passwords. If you engage with or respond to this email, you will put your sensitive information as well as your clients’ at risk of theft.

If you receive an email like this, DO NOT click on the links or take any other action. There is no need to call the IRS. Simply delete the email. The IRS is aware of the scam, and issued a QuickAlert on Nov. 24.

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Meet the Firms Photo

‘Rachelle Bryant, Jenni Klingelhoefer and Katie Bierman attended the Beta Alpha Psi “Meet the Firms” event on September 30 at The University of Nebraska at Kearney. Students from the Accounting Department attended the event – many graduating in Dece...


Congratulations to Jill Clay, the recipient of the Contryman Service Excellence Award for the 1st Half of 2015.


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs overtime rules. The Department of Labor has proposed a change in who is potentially covered under the rules governing overtime pay. While this change is technically just “proposed” at this point, this is an area that does not require legislative action for the change to be enacted. At the present time it is fully expected to become enacted early in 2016. Having gone 10+ years without change the proposed increase will be a big financial jolt to many businesses.



This particular portion of the FLSA rules governing overtime is referred to as the “white collar worker” rule. The FLSA has historically provided a white collar exemption from overtime rules that covers certain exec...

lex movie

‘Team members from the Lexington office chose to volunteer at Lexington’s Majestic Theatre as their civic project. The Majestic Theatre is owned by Lexington Public Schools. The theater was purchased by the school board in 2012 to provide stude...